(Pusat Latihan Muzik Filharmonik)



Our three fundamental teaching philosophy justify the inclusion of music education in a child's learning experience. First, music serves the aesthetic experience. The musical aesthetic experience involves perception of meaning through sound images rather than through written language, conversation, mathematical formula, or other forms of expression. The development of one's aesthetic sense has been shown to enhance the quality of life both during school years and throughout later life. Music's importance as an avenue to self-realization has been affirmed by psychologists such as Rogers and Maslow.


Second, music plays an important role in culture. Music is a representation of the highest thoughts, achievements, and aspirations of humankind, and in it much of a culture's customs, values, and beliefs are embedded. Music is thus an important communicator of a culture's heritage. However, music's communication is abstract; the student must be taught to read this abstract symbol system in order to understand it.


Finally, because music education is based on the way the mind comprehends music, it can influence the development of the higher cognitive processes in ways not possible in other subject areas. Recently publicized research at the University of California, researcher shows that structured music education enhances students' spatial intelligence, an important element in mathematical reasoning and logic.


Traditionally, parents sent their children to attend weekly music lessons; with the hope that they might perform on stage like little Mozarts and Beethovens someday, but many suffered much frustration in playing for four walls year after year. Our school recognizes this learning defect and had adopted an innovative, fun and performance-oriented approach to all its music courses. In this way, all range of people from diverse background can achieve their performing dream in the most motivating and friendly environment.



The Philharmonic School of Music  was first initiated from private instrumental lessons conducted in a humble home studio in Shah Alam. As the numbers of pupils grew, there was a crucial need to move its teaching base to a much larger commercial premise nearby. The company culture has never changed since its first inception many years ago, adopting an amusing motto which simply states "A Professional Experience In A Most Amateur Way..."




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