(Pusat Latihan Muzik Filharmonik)

Mr. Yew Chee has been actively involved in the Malaysian music scene for over 20 years as a musician, educator and entrepreneur. He had performed extensively in many local community orchestras as pianist, violinist and violist in solo, chamber and orchestral works. Some of his notable performing experiences include performing as soloist in Yellow River Piano Concerto and Grieg's Piano Concerto; as violinist and violist accompanying famous artists such as Noriko Ogawa and Patricia Shih; and performed with the Penang Symphony Orchestra at the Prefecture Theater that was televised nationwide by Kumamoto Television (KTV). He had also performed with National Symphony Orchestra at Istana Budaya in several occasions as casual violist, and was also a viola member in Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and KLPAC Sinfonietta, performing standard symphonic works in several public venues. A winner of ABRSM Centenary Travel Grant Award in 1998 to study performance and pedagogy based in Royal Academy of Music in London with the late ABRSM chief examiner Jean Harvey and Clarence Myerscough, he had performed in numerous local charity concerts with his students since his return from UK. He also studied the violin with Liu Jian and viola with Giovanni Passini, which both are MPO principal players. Admitted as a full accredited member of Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales in Australia (MMTA), he had taught instrumental lessons and string ensemble in Nexus International School, International School @ Parkcity, and IGB International School. He is also the Founder and President of The Performers Platform, the official Malaysia and Singapore Preliminary Round organizer for HK International Music Festival. An active researcher in music education and K-Pop music, he currently enjoys playing the cello and sings during his leisure time, and he is also a passionate songwriter, composer and arranger. Currently, he is a trainee examiner for the Rockschool examination board.

Leadership Team

Chew Yew Chee



Iko Crop

Ms. Iko has been teaching the piano and violin in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor area for more than 20 years in Yamaha Music Schools and other music schools prior to her commitments with Philharmonic School of Music. She is seen by parents and children alike as someone who is an effective communicator who brings passion and enthusiasm to her instrumental lessons, and someone who nurtures a respectful, caring and non-threatening learning environment. Also an experienced music teacher for many special children, she was a violin member of PJ Youth Chamber Orchestra for many years. Working collaboratively with the school centre manager, she had performed with many of her students in charity concerts in notable halls such as KLPAC and British Council. Currently, she is also an instrumental teacher in IGB International School as well as facilitator of MYK and YMC Early Childhood Music (ECM) courses.

Iko Chia



With a background origin from Penang, Ms. Joanne is an established piano, violin and vocal teacher with many past performing experience. She was also a member of Penang Symphony Orchestra, Fingerprints Chamber Choir and Opera Chorus. She sang in international choir competitions, opera productions, choral festivals and was a singer in Xiamen's 4th World Choir Games. Worked in Yamaha Music Schools, she has extensive teaching portfolio with a long list of distinction students. Currently, she has ambitious plans to contribute to the curriculum of Philharmonic School of Music.

Joanne Chow

(BComm, DipLCM)


Ms. Ei Von had worked in Christofori Music School in Singapore for many years and returned to homeland and joined Philharmonic School of Music. She has exceptional expertise in providing an engaging music lesson to sustain student's learning interest and experience. She is often involved together with her students in mini concerts, music camps and competitions. She is also an early childhood teacher teaching in kindergardens and nurseries, and her experience with younger children is exceptional.

Chen Ei Von



Eivon Crop Jireh

Former student of Mr Yew Chee, Mr. Jireh scored a distinction in Trinity violin grade 8 and pursued his Bachelor in Music degree in UCSI University, majoring in violin. Also an accomplished pianist, he had been actively participating in chamber music and as violin/viola member of UCSI orchestra, performing various orchestral music, ranging from typical classical symphonic works to contemporary works such as jazz music. He is very keen in the areas of music theory as he was a top scorer for this subject in the university. Apart from that, Mr. Jireh continues to seek interest in his piano studies, especially during his time in the university. Currently, he had dedicated his time into music education, teaching the strings as well as piano in Philharmonic School of Music.

Jireh Khoo

(BMus, Trinity Gd 8)



A caring, enthusiastic and commited early childhood teacher for many years in renown organizations namely REAL Kids (previously known as CEC), Vital Years and MRC Junior, Ms Sharon had worked as a teacher in Yamaha Music Foundation teaching Yamaha Junior Music Courses focusing in elements of pitch, harmony and rhythm for many years in the past. She has expertise in nurturing children through the pathways to independent reading, writing, speaking, listening and motor skills through a holistic approach of developing their thinking and creative skills. She is particularly interested in utlizing group activities of songs, rhymes and storytelling to build children's attention span and interest in her teaching. Currently, she is the pioneer staff of MYK and YMC Early Childhood Music (ECM) courses in Philharmonic School of Music, instilling a life-long development in younger children through the universal language of music.

Sharon Lim

(Yamaha Advance Cert, ABRSM Gd 8)



Felicia Tan

(Trinity Gd 8, Dip in Fashion & Tech.)


An expert in the arts of fashion design field, Ms. Felicia is an equally talented pianist and a dedicated piano teacher with many years of teaching experience of teaching very young children in several music schools around Shah Alam. Also a former student of Mr. Yew Chee, she has been involved in instilling musical interest into children through creative methods and fun games. She will also be involved in MYK and YMC Early Childhood Music (ECM) courses with Philharmonic School of Music, creating very young new talents in their most crucial stage of musical learning.



Ivon Tan

(BBA, Rockschool Gd 8)


A seasoned music teacher for over eleven years, Mr. Ivon plays all range of guitars, drum as well as the piano. A well established accoustic guitarist, he is a versatile and programmatic teacher, and he is much accommodating to students' individual needs, creativity and talent. He sets achievable goals for students in their music learning, hence effectively engages students into making and performing music. An active supporter of Trinity's Rock and Pop syllabus, he was the teacher of a most sort after musician and winner of 1st place in American Protege Competition, Mr. Melvyn Ghai.



Teaching Faculty

Visiting Faculty

Anthony Tam, a pianist, a pedagogue, and a clinician, he holds the Fellowship Diploma in Piano Performance from the National College of Music, London and the Fellowship Diploma in Piano Teaching from the Victoria College of Music, London. At the same time, he is also the holder of the piano performance diploma from the Australian Music Examinations Board and a piano performance diploma from the University of West London. He is appointed as a member of the Academical Board of the National College of Music and becomes the first non-British to be chosen to join as a member in the College's history of more than 120 years. In 2012, he was further appointed as a senior examiner for the National College of Music, London and will be responsible for further administration of the College. He was the past examiner of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music, Canada. In 2017, he joins as a music examiner for the Con Brio Examination Board.

Anthony Tam


Anthony tam 2


On top of the music examiner role, he is appointed by National College of Music to be the piano duet examination syllabus coordinator and from 2014, he was also responsible for coordinating and rewriting the piano syllabus. He is a member of the American Liszt Society and through some contribution, he has earned the title as a 'Lisztian". He is also a member in good standing of the Australian Guild of Music and Speech. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he studied piano with renown musicians such as Malcolm Frrager and Shura Cherkassky. He was well sorted as jury in competitions such as Steinway Piano Competition, Mozart International Piano Competition, Lyre music Award, World Piano Pedagogy Conference Competition, Euterpe Competition and International Piano Competition in Venice. Apart from his examining and adjudicating career, he is an active educator giving masterclasses and talks around the world. He was involved as Director of Studies in the Music Faculty of City International University and Director of International Studies in Ultimate Music Theory in Canada. He is now also the Artistic Director for the PianoFocus Summer Camp in Canada.  During his free times, he is also a column writer in music education and music learning for some child-related publications and  is interviewed widely on different occasions by the press.

Yan Jiun

Ms. Yan Jiun is passionate in music making and music teaching, and she has been an active member of the SEGI College music ensemble for many years. She performed in several notable events namely the 10th WAVES, Cinetrack Concert, and Kindergarden Excursion. She also participate in the college's music internal activities, flashmob activities and a music exchange program with SMJK Triang and SMK Hwa Lian. A Diploma music graduate of SEGI University music department, she is currently studying UK Level 6 professional Licentiate piano qualification with Mr. Yew Chee.

Tan Yan Jiun

(DipLCM, ALCM, LLCM, Dip.Mus)


Jonathan teacher

Jonathan Yeoh



Born and raised in Penang, he made a trip to Kuala Lumpur to seek more opportunities to train and nurture more young children and adult alike. Young, energetic and passionate, he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge in music to enthusiastic and aspiring musician. Possessing many years of teaching experiences, his focus lies primarily in preparing students for ABRSM and Trinity examinations, coaching vocal students as well as works as an accomplished piano accompanist.


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